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emano plastics technology in Teterow is investing in state of the art technology

Harry Glawe speraking about emano plastics technology in Teterow
Harry Glawe speraking about emano plastics technology in Teterow
individualised customer designs fulfilled even better – German Ministry of Economics, Construction and Tourism

The company emano plastics technology in Teterow is investing in the newest technology available and because of this, expanding the premises.

“The company has become a full service supplier – from the project planning, via development, right up to production and logistics.

With the technological special processes, small series of tools can be produced specific to the customers’ needs, and these can then go into serial production”, said the Minister for Economics, Construction and Tourism, Harry Glawe.

Since its foundation thirteen years ago, the company has produced machines and plant for the glass, plastics and environment industries. Products such as silos, air shafts and rainwater containers. Over the years, the company has developed its machine engineering and tooling into a second mainstay.

Now, the enterprise is planning to build two plant halls for the storage of the plastic granulate and pre-constructed parts required in the production. Specialist machinery will be purchased for the manufacture of more demanding parts and tools will be acquired.

Large moulds made of aluminium or tin, which are required for the production of swimming pontoons or flat rainwater tanks with a capacity of 10,000 litres are the requirement here.
“The investment has become necessary, so that the company can keep up with the steadily changing developments on the market.

The company can fulfill the more individual customer needs and wishes, and satisfy the demand for more and more precision, diversity and quality. Furthermore, this development has secured 66 workplaces in the region” said Glawe.

The total investment volume amounts to over 1.4 million Euros. The Department of Economics has supported the plans to the tune of 480,000 Euros from common funds for the “improvement of the regional economic structure”.