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Plastic products from the germ of the first idea to the finished article. Everything you need – from a single source.

emano & Robin is a full service provider for mechanical and plant engineering in the field of the manufacture of hollow bodies using plastic rotational sintering / molding.

Emano Luftaufnahme
Emano Werksgelände
emano draws on over 60 years’ experience in mechanical and plant engineering. The company has established itself on the market and constantly furthered its development, based solidly on the experience and expert specialist knowledge of its employees.

Extensive knowledge of 3D CAD engineering and state-of-the-art CNC-controlled milling technology provide the foundations of our top-class, expert service.

Since the mid-1980s, Robin has concentrated on the manufacture of hollow bodies using plastic rotational sintering / molding. One of our trademarks is our comprehensive range of products offering the highest quality and value for money.

Our impressive products are renowned on both the national and international stages. The alliance of the two companies, emano & Robin, provides you with a conscientious, customer-oriented service from the initial idea right up to the finished product.

We see the technical and commercial implementation of our customers’ wishes not just as a job but as our duty; and this has become the core of the company alliance.

Our reputation is built on our knowledge and experience in the production of first-class machined products and the manufacture of high-quality hollow bodies using the rotational sintering process.

The best possible partner for your company!

  • Engineering
    3D CAD, design, prototype manufacturing
  • Machining
    CNC milling, molds and special machining
  • Plastic rotational molding
    Rotational sintering, plastics processing
  • Customer service
    Logistics – just-in-time; complete system assembly