Emano – plastic products

Plastic products from the germ of the first idea to the finished article. Everything you need – from a single source.

Overview of our services

We assure the quality of your products, by accompanying each step of development with in-house expertise! From the first sketch to production – inform yourself about your options…


3D CAD, prototype manufacturing

Our service provides customers with expert advice through our in-house design department. Do you have an initial idea, or maybe preliminary designs that could be optimized?

Our experienced team of engineers act on your specific wishes and work with you to fulfill them, using state-of-the-art 3D CAD engineering applications. We can support you from the initial concept through mold making right up to the finished product.

Mould and toolmaking
CNC turning and milling, special machining

We have qualified personnel, experienced in the fields of mold making and machining, to make all our own rotation molds out of steel plate or cast aluminum.

The special machines and equipment necessary for fitted or customized designs and further processing of the rotational products are likewise designed and constructed in-house. Our modern machine park fulfils today’s quality requirements.

It includes a 5-axis simultaneous CNC milling machine by AXA ,acquired new in 2013, for mold-making, a 3-axis CNC milling machine by Hurco, also for mold-making, and a 5-axis simultaneous CNC milling machine by MKM for further processing of the products. Emano Kunststofftechnik works with 4 fully automatic CNC milling machines, a CNC turning lathe, one conventional milling and drilling machine and a conventional turning lathe.

Plastic rotational mouldingRotational sintering, plastics engineering

Rotationssintern & Gießen
We manufacture high-quality plastic components for domestic and technical sectors out of PE, PP, PA etc. using rotational sintering (also known as rotational molding). The clamp dimensions of the largest of our 7 rotational molding machines measure 2800 × 3050 mm.

Our diverse range of products extends from small parts up to hollow bodies with capacities in excess of 10,000 liters. We also have a wide spectrum of colors and surface textures available.


GranulationCompounding, blending

We take the sustainability of our plastics products and materials very seriously, and process large quantities of plastics every day, thus we have developed our own in-house recycling system.

This allows us to convert previously rotated plastic into reusable rotation material. In this process, the materials are shredded to a specific size, then washed and separated from foreign bodies.

After drying, the material can be directly pulverized and then blended or dyed and used immediately for rotation.

As well as direct pulverization, we can also give the shredded materials further properties by processing them through a twin-screw extruder with gravimetric dosing, while adding dyes and other additives. We can modify the granulate for a wide range of plastic products according to your wishes before rotational molding takes place.


Customer servicesLogistics – just-in-time, complete assembly

Depending on the customer’s wishes and the exact nature of the requirements, we are always pleased to accept orders beyond the usual field of rotational molding, such as the installation of complete subassemblies.

Packaging and just-in-time logistics, with our in-house transport fleet, round off our range of services. We can also offer you storage space, which allows us to manufacture products in advance and give you immediate, direct access to them as your need arises.